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I'll tell you more about that prize in a few moments. First though, I'm going to spill the beans on what this revolutionary program is all about.

"The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" was developed by health professionals in the fields of nutrition and psychology and it is a program that quite realistically can be referred to as failsafe. That's because you WILL – not you might, but you WILL – reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks by following the instructions to the letter!

The program incorporates the success strategies of people who have lost weight and kept it off forever. In other words, the program is based on proven-to-work techniques that can be duplicated over and over for the same results.

It's the surefire way to lose the weight you need to lose and reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks.

You Can Do It Too! All You Need To Do Is Follow Our Powerful
Weight Loss System!

All the guess work on your part is totally eliminated! Our weight loss system – based upon the advice of health professionals and proven-to-work weight loss techniques – tells you absolutely everything you need to do to get to your goal weight in just 12 weeks.

You will get educated on lifelong weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, and you'll get paid to lose weight as well!

"The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" is a virtual program that you can access from anywhere in the world at any time – you just need an internet connection. The system provides you with state-of-the-art weight tracking systems and powerful, proven-to-work tools that will ensure you meet your goal weight in just 12 weeks!

You can also add up to five friends or family members to join you on "The 12 Week Challenge" and ENJOY the journey to your goal weight together.

Psychologists and those who have successfully lost weight attest to the power of achieving goal weight with others. Healthy competition is a great motivator and by doing the challenge together, you have accountability to one another which greatly increases you chances of success.

Each of you will receive:

  • Your own personalized profile;
  • Your own personalized meal program;
  • Your own personalized exercise program;
  • Interactive weight loss graph
  • Personal daily food and exercise diary plus easy to use calorie calculators
  • Weekly photo diary
  • Hundreds of healthy recipes, work out videos, weight loss eBooks plus additional bonuses

It's everything you need to lose the weight and keep it off for life, so let's take a closer look at what's included when you sign up today for "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge"!

What You Must Do Is All Outlined In "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" E-book!

"The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge e-book" is an entertaining, motivational read that's packed with a collection of powerful tools and secrets to help you get to your goal weight in 12 weeks.

The e-book and tools were developed by doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers and incorporates the proven-to-work techniques of those who have lost weight for life!

The e-book is the proven-to-work blueprint that shows you how to reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks, because with it you will discover:

  • Everything you need to know about calories and nutrition: Discover how many calories you need to consume each day and how many you need to burn in exercise each day for 12 weeks. Just follow these instructions and get the results!
  • Why other approaches to diet do not work: When you know this stuff, you'll never fall victim to fad diets again! This is knowledge that when applied, will drop the weight off you!
  • How to get motivated and stay motivated: All-too-often people lose motivation – even if they go into a healthy lifestyle with the best of intentions. With what you learn and apply in this e-book, you will know how to get motivated and stay motivated…so you reach your goal!
  • What the negative impact of sugars and junk foods are: Chances are you may not know this stuff, but when you do, you'll find it easy to say no to sugar and junk food. This is information that when you implement it, will help you lose the weight and keep it off for good!
  • What the most effective exercises are for weight loss: No more guess work about the sorts of exercise you should be doing to reach your goal weight! In this e-book the exercise secrets you need to apply for maximum, long-term results are right here!
  • How to jump start your metabolism: Your metabolism is your best friend in the fight against fat, and you will discover how you can jump start your metabolism to turn your body into a fat burning machine…for life! The top weight loss secrets and tips for your success: All proven-to-work secrets that you can start applying right away to melt the fat off and reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks!

That's the e-book that provides you with the blueprint to follow in order to reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks.


…Here's What You Will Get Out Of "The 12 Week Weight Loss
Challenge" Tools!

Sign up today for destination goal weight in 12 weeks time and have life-long access to the tools that will allow you to:

  • Track your daily weight loss with the Personalized Weight Loss Diary

    Psychologists and coaches testify to the effectiveness of charting your progress for motivational benefit, and that's why we include the Personalised Weight Loss Diary to help you reach goal weight in 12 weeks! The diary includes a state of the art tracking system and each day you will access your own interactive graph that instantly shows your daily weight changes, BMI and your weight loss trend line. Our star system keeps you motivated to melt away the fat. You can also upload your weight loss photos weekly and easily check your progress with your diary. If you do the challenge with friends or family, you can also see their progress and get competitive! This motivates you even more!

  • Track what you eat with the Food Diary and Health Smart Calorie      Counter

    Successful weight loss and food tracking go hand in hand. Knowing what goes into your mouth is critical to weight loss success, and thanks to our Food Diary and Health Smart Calorie Counter, you don't have to guess how many calories you consume! Learn how many calories you consume and know how many calories you need to eat compared to your daily energy target! With this information, you will know what you must eat to reach your weight loss goal and maintain that healthy body weight. And if you're in the challenge with your family or friends, it will help your team achieve their goal weights faster!

  • Record the calories you burn with our Exercise Diary and Calorie Burn     Calculator

    Turbocharge your motivation by seeing exactly how many calories you burn with our Hot Calorie-Burn Calculator! See how many calories you burn each day versus how many calories you consume. Your diary will record your daily exercise and immediately show you how much you have improved over time. Learn exactly how much fat your body burns in one day and know exactly what you need to do to burn additional calories. This is priceless information that will help you get to your goal weight in 12 weeks!

  • Lose the excess weight with your Personalized Meal Plans

    Forget eating like a rabbit and punishing yourself with strict, impossible-to-maintain diets! With "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" you get personalized meal plans to suit YOU! Our meals are designed to melt the fat and you'll love the tasty foods we have for you! This is the kind of food you will eat AND enjoy for life! Know the calories you are eating and enjoy every mouthful – you don't find healthy eating plans like that often. Eating for weight loss has never been this delicious or fun!

  • Enjoy fitness with our Personalized Exercise Plans

    It doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, we'll provide you with the exercise plan that's just right for you – where you are at now and where you want to be in 12 weeks. Every day you will do something new for exercise, so you won't ever get bored. Designed by our expert personal trainers, your 12 week fitness plan is fun and it will burn the fat fast! Fitness has never been so much fun, and you will want to keep doing this beyond the 12 weeks!

  • Access loads of additional recipes, exercise videos, home work outs,      articles, tips, ebooks and more..

    For all of our "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" participants, we have hundreds of additional resources to help you get to your destination with maximum results and fun! There are healthy and delicious, nutritionist designed recipes for you to try out and enjoy – even vegetarian recipes are included! And when it comes to exercise, there are plenty of videos – from yoga right through to boxing! There are even printable workout instructions for you to use! There is something for absolutely everybody. And because all of it was designed by doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers, you know you're on the failsafe path to your ideal body weight in 12 weeks!

  • Track your incredible progress with the Photo Uploader

    Each week you can upload photographs of yourself that will show you your progress week to week. See the remarkable transformation you body takes and stay motivated!

  • Earn $1200 for reaching your goal weight

    Reach your goal weight in 12 weeks and you have the opportunity to earn $1200! All you need to do is complete the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge and we'll pay you $1200 to tell us your story! Simply send us a video testimonial about your experience on the challenge and we pick our favourite story ever 12 weeks! It's really that easy!

  • Earn $50 for every friend you refer to the challenge

    Spread the word and you will earn $50 for every person you refer to the challenge! We make it so easy for you to refer your friends with free videos, printable flyers and customized emails! Spread the word and you'll have cash to spend on your new wardrobe!

You'll never need another weight loss resource again after you work through this program.

It's Everything You Need To Get To Your Goal Weight In Just 12

That's right. You read correctly!

Follow the steps outlined in "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" e-book and use the tools provided in the Challenge, and if you do not reach your goal weight in 12 weeks, let us know for a full refund!

That's how confident we are in this program. Designed by doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers, this program works!

With this program you WILL get to your goal weight in 12 weeks GUARANTEED!

And by bringing up to five of your family members and friends into the Challenge, you have that extra motivation to help you reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks! Nothing helps weight loss like a bit of healthy competition!

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  • Learn how to effectively use the revolutionary 12 week weight loss system that we have created to gain the life transforming, body transforming results you want and deserve!
  • Reach your goal weight in just 12 weeks with up to five friends and family members! Remember, a bit of healthy competition amongst your group will help you reach your goal sooner!
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  • The system is proven-to-work and has achieved phenomenal results from users all over the world!
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The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge Team

P.S: Your goal weight in just 12 weeks or your money back! Reach your goal weight within 12 weeks and you could collect $1200! It's all thanks to, "The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge" – designed by doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers! Get onboard now yourself or join with up to five family or friends to take the challenge with you! Join now!

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